St. Louis Social Security Attorney

Dedicated to Helping Those in Need

One of my favorite things about my career is that I get to help people improve their lives. When people come to me as a claimant, they are usually going through some of the most difficult periods of their lives. While I focus on Social Security disability, I can also provide guidance and referrals to other specialists who can help my claimants make the best of their situations.

I like helping, and I've been fortunate enough to make that my career.

After law school, I worked as an attorney for Integrated Benefits, Inc. (IBI). IBI is a large, national company that represents Social Security claimants. IBI focused on claimants referred by large companies and insurers. I learned how cases were handled across the country - I've done hearings in 48 states and Puerto Rico, and represented people in every state and outside the country.

I started Norwood Law LLC to offer federal court representation to IBI's claimants in 2009. I also grew in my role at IBI eventually becoming a leader and shareholder. IBI offered premium representation to a select group of claimants. Norwood Law allowed me to reach out to more people, but only on court appeals. I wanted to bring IBI's team to people who weren't referred from select large corporations.

I didn't want to leave IBI or take anyone off their team. I also didn't want to start with people that I knew weren't as good as the experts at IBI. I was used to IBI's exemplary security and software. So we made a deal. I wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel.

Norwood Disability helps IBI maintain an excellent staff of attorneys with wonderful experience. IBI helps us provide responsive service with an experienced team and excellent, secure technology.