Fees and Costs

Simple Fee Structure

Social Security must approve fees for representing Social Security disability claimants. We participate in SSA's Fee Agreement system, which allows SSA to automatically deduct our approved fee and send it to us so that we don't need to bill you directly.

Under SSA's guidelines for fees, the standard fee agreement calls for fee paid out of the retroactive benefits of the claimant, not to exceed the lesser of $6000 or 25% of the retroactive benefit. In other words, if your backpay is over $24,000, then your fee will be $6000 and if it is less, it will be 25%.

No Hidden Costs

Norwood Disability will not charge for costs such as traveling to the hearing, medical records, and so on. This saves you money and hopefully us. To mitigate costs of medical records, we may ask you to get your own records and send them to us. This is usually fairly simple due to the common use of electronic medical records. These records are usually free or very affordable for claimants. If we have to order the records ourselves, we will.

Examinations and Expert Evidence

Because Social Security keeps fees artificially low, it limits our financial ability to invest in expert evidence from specialist doctors or vocational experts. If evidence from such a source is necessary, we may discuss it with you and present you with an option to pursue it. We do not intend expenses like these to fall under the normal practice of not passing costs onto our claimants.